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Mornbein's adventures

hi, new Mornbein

post army fragging pit stop

why do I go to the Nexus?

picked on scritched a Demyx

snarked at a raver elf

talked to a hungover troll

answered Victor's question about signatures and art

bugged a Greg House

talked to a dwarf lady

teamed up with Towby and then went and picked on talked to Movor

expressed her opinion of quiche, and then went looking for her sidekick.

At a bar with Towby

talked to cyberJubes in the Nexus

talked to a guy named Johnny about a good place to start

picked on talked to RC

the trick to exorcising destructive self-doubt

my default weapon 'n offered to try on dork charming's shoe

raising #%$#$% with Towby on some unknown world

picking on Uziriaa in the Nexus

told about the time a self-help book helped her

stopped to share her favorite insult with Victor

talking about her last milestone

bored and trying to mess with someone's head


Megatron stuck a limpet on Movor

do I care what other people think of my job 'n methods?

answered a question about facing fears

made suggestions of stuff to do

helped a guy corral some baby rats

talked to a Skrull about mending a dimensional rift

made suggestions for helping someone relax

"If a Taxxon eats a vampire, does it kill the vamp?"

called Ares a frag head

answered a question after being cuddled by a Taxxon

met a guy named Haine, who heals

met Mr. V 'n Mr. C. Was annoying.

talked to a Dark Elf from Morrowind

picked ontalked to a guy named WakeJumper

showed Kickback where his kids went

asked a question for Blue

talked to an embodiment of the night

ran into Daimon again

got a little messed up

expressed her opinion of marrying young and being a good daughter

advice on how to not feel useless, and how to deal with boredom and annoying family.

shared how she deals with job related boredom

dealt with a damaged youngbot

was rude talked to a Hobbit

related the weirdest place she ever woke up

told how she deals with people who do things to prove they can when told they can't

unusual pets and what she'd do with three hundred tons of dynamite

talked to Delirium

talked to a chick with purple hair

talked to a kid with a teddy bear

snarked at a blue-haired chick

expressed her views on eating sentients

what she'd do if something was turning her into a nice guy

snarked at a Joker

snarked at a vampire

discussed eating habits

ran into a fae boy

what she does in her spare time

was a pain in the #$@#$#@

picked on a stuffed shirt


asked a really good question. 'N ran into two versions of the old man :p

hung out with Davey at Blue's and down by the Valley river. Orion and Runamuck went with

talked about hobbies with a troll

answered a blue-haired kid's question about neat little things she's noticed

snarked at J

the place she most didn't regret leaving

offered advice for ridding oneself of flying mistletoe

scared a guy with Fred

went home after a long time, and ran into Towby

and then met Davey again

named the inspiration for her creativity

introduced somebody else to Fred

hired a sword

talked to Davey again. He was down

talked to a dorky little Marco

ran into Jelani again

talked to a purple haired chick that first day I ganked Sirius