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Charlie's adventures





5 (with Lynn)

6 (with Lynn)




10 (Tells Jubee he made Chase into a kid)

11 (Talks to Camerone about Chase)

12 (talks to Saki about Blade and wedding stuff)

13 (talks to frost_flame Jean)

14 (talks to becoming_phonix about Chase and stuff)

15 (fixes Chase)

16 (talks to a Bishop)

17 (comforts becoming_phonix)

18 (goes to tell exile_jubes he's thinking of giving Logan her motorcycle)

19 (helps a badly injured Prudence)

20 (lets Kale of the Guild of Angels know that he's keeping an eye on Cal and Ang)

22 (talks to Spike)

23 (helps Ang to be herself again after she goes catatonic with fear)

24 (takes part in the great revant hunt in girlSam's reality)

25 & & &(Talks with Dog and Dylan Grey)

26 (brings Feurtanzer to meet her birth sisters)

28 (talking to Kale about Scylla)

29 (brought Logan to the Nexus, where they met a guy Logan and his baby son, and a girl named Lyn Trainer)

talking to the guy from Program Omega about what makes a person, and how far he'd go to survive

brought two twinkles to Sages, spoke to many people, and gave an Exile a baby son

mentally talking to in_jubilation. And brought her to Logan's Place to help her.

negotiated to buy Zeeters

in Sages, talking to Chaos

retconned entry

Rhea talked to Mada

Kigan brought Cureall for him to meet

spoke to Atalanta about human lifespan

warns Kickback that Katydid's looking for him

with Mada in the Nexus, giving away crystal eggs

talked to Atin and Vanya about their new abilities

talked to Gate again

Gate... has been going to the moon 0_o

helped with X's rescue

spoke to Gate about 'empty nest syndrome'

moved the Cossack citadel to the Nexus

played poker with Jubal and Spike. We all won

Rhea spoke to Alia in the Nexus

met Gate face to face and helped him with Yammark

advised Zero on a good place for a home base

helped with the moving of a space colony

searched for Kigan

gave pet spider advice

talked to Daimon (further down the thread)

answered that depression and instability aren't a given in cases of prolonged lifespan

talked to Plant about composting and earthworms

Rhea answered a Nexus question

sent Marco home