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Crosswires. (battlescarred Ironhide)

battlescarred Bumblebee and Ironhide in the Nexus. Uzulee winds up helping

Uzulee works on fixing the battlescarred Ironhide and Bumblebee

Uzulee looked for help replacing bsBee's optic

battlescarred 'Bots and Uzulee met Songstop

bsBee online again

Ironhide back online

bsBee met TFA Prime in the Nexus

and then a lot happened after she got back to the ship

Bumblebee after the attack

Bumblebee in the Nexus again after the defrag

Bumblebee freaked on somebody in the Nexus again

Bumblebee zapped herself stupid again, and Ironhide was ornery

Bumblebee in the Nexus, talking to a mech named Roots and a little femme named Nightwind.

Ironhide's opinion of the idea "That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Ironhide AWOL in the Nexus and elsewhere

zonked Bumblebee in the Nexus

the end to Bumblebee's flashbacks

Bumblebee talked to Ed in the Nexus

Ironhide wound up in the Nexus, answered "Bravest thing you've ever seen someone do?"

Ironhide set out with his little sister on the mission

Bumblebee asked the Nexus, "What have you lost that you'd really like back?"

Bumblebee inadvertently visited Dropjaunt

Bumblebee went after Barricade when she found him on the Blackflight

Bumblebee kicked Inkcape's butt... literally

Ironhide wound up in the wrong nexus, and then had a drinking party

Bumblebee met a Jazz in the Nexus

Bumblebee spoke to a man named Rhinox in the Nexus

Ironhide chased the shadow

Bumblebee nearly remembered the Matrix of Leadership

Bumblebee spoke to a femme named Rock in the Nexus

Bumblebee answered a question about trusting your instinct in the Nexus

Bumblebee in the Nexus, asked if she should go black and then gave Songstop a cinnaSeeker

Bumblebee told about the worst she'd had a plan backfire

Ironhide got lost in the dark 2

Bumblebee played mad scientist

Bumblebee texted about being and living with a hypocrite

Bumblebee met with Optimus and introduced him to Oriana

Bumblebee told a dragon in the Nexus what she believed in

Bumblebee with Optimus aka Joe Convoy

Bumblebee offered Nexus advice on how to get someone to talk

Ironhide met Oceanglide in the Nexus

Bumblebee's adventures are here now


Flashbacks and Disclosures