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Hormah, by ko_pilot Hormah's bio Mouses's alt mode specs Blackout's specs. She's around 48ft tall

Blackout found a new Scorpy

somebody was trying to help Scorpy find Blackout

tried to squash a runt

offered suggestions for getting through a holiday with people one can't stand

if I could steal anything in the world, what would it be?

talked to a crazy human that was carrying around a head

kissed an Autobot

loomed over another Autobot

spoke to a Decepticon femme about hate

kissed Rollbar

kissed Kickback

"How do you choose to remember someone who's gone?"

offered advice for dealing with an unfaithful boyfriend

got in a fight with a femme Prime and wound up back at Rollbar's base

bath time

kissed Sellout


bringing home baby (in the replies)

"how would you deal with living in close proximity to a co-worker who may have plans to find a reason to end your existence?"

met Snowcat and the Zambonis

stumbled into the sanctuary of Primus

How do I choose my friends, and know they are my friends?

Hormah met Ransack and talked to Iceberg

Hormah met Tracer

"What is your purpose?" and "What do you do in your spare time?"

met the Skywarp from my dreams while Hormah visited the Commandos

gave advice on dealing with a stalker

spoke to a human assassin

Hormah tried giving a zamboni picnic

Ro-tor is normal again

Kissed another Autobot and expressed my opinion on dating the boss

sat on the wrong couch again

Hormah spoke to a big bot by the sign and then to an organic with tentacles

my journey starts

Hormah advised a good place to get energon treats

Hormah answered, "Who is a great leader? Who do you look up to?"

I arrive at Ocean City, increase my team, and ally myself with Prime

sent Demolisher to talk to Belladonna

Hormah offered advice on dealing with stress

Hormah and Requiem spoke to a Wheeljack and a unicorn girl

I battled Megatron

Hormah helped Auspex with a damaged seeker

Primus gave Prime the rundown on me

nearly ripped Megatron's head off

Starscream joined our team

Hormah met another Scorponok

I talked to Misha and the guys

and several days later Belladonna sent me a video of Demolisher meeting Bullseye

Hormah gave Klank the thumbs down in the Nexus

I took a bath

Hormah met Nova

Hormah answered a question about doing 'childish' things

Hormah spoke to an Autobot named Random and a Decepticon named Rhythm

I came home

and checked out the other Nexus Hormah and Requiem found. Met Skywarp there.
Then Hormah went back to help another Blackout

Hormah stopped to help Skywarp before going to finish working on the other Blackout.

Hormah and Rap

What have I given up for my minions?

how best was my civilization served?

spoke to a female human about making friends from other worlds

Hormah played angel

met Rollbar by the sign, and then got mad and drunk... and snuggled Skywarp.

Hormah talked to Random again

Hormah sold some LOL gas

Hormah saved the old Arcee's life

Auspex came to visit

Hormah talked to a glitched Autobot. I kissed him.

the largest amount of destruction I'm responsible for?

Hormah and Requiem learned about pink rain

Hormah talked to Iceberg

spoke to a 'Dr. Horrible'

answered a question about meeting an enemy or alt enemy in the Nexus

Hormah gave a human named Jacob relationship advice

met a pair of strange humans and then Hormah kissed a ghost

Hormah and her boyfriend answered a human's Nexus question

met Movor in the dressing room

got a new minion and then spoke to a Barricade and the Autobot Soundwave.

Hormah on her field trip with Iceberg

Beamrider tried running off

Requiem taught Bob to fly

got something very weird in the spoils of my next hunt. the sparklet with the Stardroids.

Hormah talked to a tall Wilybot

Requiem spoke to a being named Raven

inhaled water from a suspicious fountain

Hormah talked to Tracer again

Hormah answered, "What are you thankful for?"

my spark started twitching

my spark is budding, and Beamrider got himself LOLd and made a rookie

Hormah and Pink the next morning

told something why you name pets

Hormah played servant of Primus

Pink met Iceberg

brought home another rookie

Requiem and Beamrider saw a Ravage in a pink bow

looked for a shell for the new spark

Hormah mourned for reformatted friends

talked with a squishy about the LOL fountain

Went hunting with Skywarp and the Commandos. 1 2

met an interesting Megatron in the dressing room

Beamrider was whining again

Hormah and Mouse played paintball with Hormah's friend Havoc

Requiem talked to an organic kid about making friends

Hormah got overcharged, and told Auspex about the little femme she'd brought to the sanctuary

talked to a little human femme with mechanical augmentation, while Hormah got help for the disembodied Optimus

how would I stop an ideal?

Hormah, on the value of life

Hormah on the purpose of life

Hormah talked about a shiny thing she likes

Pink met a crazy bird guy

Hormah gave a presentation on the best way to dig through a couch

Sheol answered her first Nexus question

what would I get my significant others for Christmas?

offered to help a human-type mech field test his new armor

"Is there anything I've ever really wanted? Did I get it?"

Hormah told Blackarachnia that Myrrh wasn't at the sanctuary

met a Transformer bigger than Mouse

Requiem discussed dating with a blue-haired organic

passing out Christmas gifts with Pink

Hormah went caroling

Hormah snarked at a pink mech

we got Christmas presents

passed out more oranges and answered a Nexus question

met a Robocop

met an interesting Autobot in the dressing room, and Beamrider made peace with Pink.

Hormah, Requiem, Mouse, Beamrider, and Pink met Baneblade's crew

ran into a couple of rude Autobots

met Skywarp in the dressing room

Hormah talked to someone about being judged by your past

Pink discussed being the baby of the family

helped a Blitzwing deal with a big spider

Sheol met Random

Hormah offered a Q child-rearing tips

Hormah time hopped back and spoke to a servant of Unicron in the dressing room

talked about my most recent success

Sheol ran into some of the Commandos in the dressing room

talked to a strange human in the dressing room

answered 'ask permission or beg forgiveness?'

name hunting and then bringing the newest recruit home.

Hormah told an organic about the Nexus

Apoleia's first Nexus question

Apoleia and Toyrt-Mow learned about riddles

Apoleia and Toyrt-Mow learned about ethics

Hormah comforted TFA Calix while Ratchet examined Blurr

Hormah helped Ratchet transfer Blurr to a new shell

Hormah watching over her charges

kissed a pretty little black mech at the Black Dog

Hormah helped the Autobot Blitzwing and his mate after they sat on the LOL couch

gave advice on dealing with evil

Hormah checked on her charges

spoke to that little 'Victor' creature

Hormah and a mishap with couch gas

Hormah brought someone from Calix's home reality to see her

Requiem taught Apoleia respect for Primus

Hormah introduced an Optimus to Primus

Hormah and Pink talked to an organic named Bod

nicest thing I ever gave somebody who knew how to press my buttons?

experienced technical difficulties

yes, I read

is having things perfect bad? No

Hormah gave relationship advice again and wound up repairing someone

back in that other reality for awhile

Demolisher sent me footage of Thundra's creation

Hormah helped some lost bots find their way

Hormah helped Nightwind ask a question

spoke up for satisfaction in the role of villain

If a leader you had respected was lawfully sentenced to execution, how would you react?

how my 'children' are 'raised' and my community works

do I believe in aliens?

Hormah talked about music and love with a blue-haired organic

I went to a party

Hormah has her own place

met salesbot named Chase ((in the comments))

how do I respond to conflict or debate?

what does it take for me to do the 'right' thing?

Hormah told a Thundercracker about Dreadnought

Requiem talked to a hobbit

Hormah helped a disguised Seeker and then directed an organic to the Black Dog.

stuff happened at Hormah's sanctuary 2 3 4

new recruit

Requiem talked about pastimes for long journeys

Hormah sent Rattrap to talk to Liedherz

Ravage held down the fort and watched bittyDino while Hormah was out. D2 helped

Sheol took a message for D2 (toward the end of the log)

some of the minions talked to a Barricade

the little Dinobot got sick

D2 went to check on Rattrap and his smaller alt, and sparred a bit with Spazz met Waspinator along the way

Hormah and Pink spoke to an Optimus Primal

Pink helped Hormah with her guests

Hormah talked to Rattrap about his crew, and D2 mentioned his years of solitude

talked to Hormah's rat

Hormah helped save a Cybertron

Pink talked to Iceberg

Hormah worked to save a dying Rat 2, and Pi came online

Pi was completed

Hormah helped a young Prime and his femme creator

Blitzwing was selling pickle flavored cookies

Pi and Hormah talked to Iceberg in the dressing room

Hormah talked to a human named Alice about Nexus mail

Hormah discussed pregnancy with a human

Pink met her game friend and helped him get repaired

started my Christmas gift giving late. And answered a question about what I got

gave a Christmas gift to a WakeJumper

Pink talked about games with a Wilybot

Hormah told a human named Rain about the Black Dog

some of the minions talked about poetry with an Oceanglide

Hormah gave up her last wish

answered a question about birthday gifts

Deherree answered a question about the worth of Nexus advice

offered a mech a job by the sign, then Pink helped him make money

how do I handle failure?

Requiem offered advice on dealing with sibling teasing

who rules my world? brought the spiky organic to the Black Dog for drinks

Hormah acquired a new pet

Hormah finally managed to contact Auspex

Hormah plotted with Tidalwave and Toyrt-Mow in the dressing room

spoke with a Vocaloid in the dressing room

Requiem introduced Movor and Ro-Tor to Swindle fuel

Nemesis' minion was jumped by Overkill's lacky

two of Nemesis' minions bonded

Requiem and Pink sold stuff to a human

Pink met a tall ship

What am I best at? this is Sparta

my Jetfire

told someone to move on

Tarantulus was reunited with his Autobot friend

Pink met some of the old water ship's family

met a couple of little Irken in the Nexus

Jetfire was repaired

someone brought a swimming pool to the sign area

Requiem collected payment from the Autobot named Recon

Nemesis welcomed the Maximal WakeJumper to the Black Dog

Hormah's mate and creation welcomed family to the Sanctuary

Hormah helped some organic felinoids and a Skyfire.

Nemesis' minions, Tarantulus and Showtime, got their second creation

what kind of friends (and enemies) do I keep?


Nemesis' minions, Tarantulus and Showtime, had a party

Dreadnought tried his first sales trip, in Recon 'verse

talked to an organic warrior that was older than he looked

Sheol gave advice on how to tell if someone 'likes' you

Hormah and her purple friend stopped that organic Bonecrusher from mauling a yeerk

Hormah got that little Mira and Optimus Nemesis' minion, Tarantulus, found an owner for his apartment and pocket dimension

Mouse and Appoleia saw Recon'verse Prime going to the Prime table

brought Jetfire along to meet Tidal Wave, Starscream, and Cowboy Jets

Nemesis met Baneblade's friend, Shield

that Dahlia rookie talked about dresses and customs

drunk off my aft after taking Overkill out

Hormah fixed the Skyfire that lives with the cats

Hormah fixed Wilybots and Reploids during a war

Hormah told that yellow bot from Jetfire's reality that his little green rookie's alive

How good am I at making choices for other people?

Ravage and Pi helped a couple of organics after some glitch golem stabbed Hormah's femme couch

Hormah helped a pitiful Autobot baytech Starscream

Hormah helped those stupid Wanderer Autobots that live in that pocket Nexus.

Hormah helped that one Starscream again (second half)

Hormah brought soup to the Prowl at the blanket factory.

Did the boss's business while the minions played

Jazz gone. Quiet wake that night

Nemesis' one minion gave those lost bots 'early Christmas dinner'. Then he did the same for femme Swindle's bunch. Hormah's Optimus runt helped

that stupid little Vi thing wound up with a spark

Hormah gave the lost Starscream a little tiny Scream, and let him see the Ironhide of his reality

rw 'verse. Mysterious attacks (pt. 1)