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Transformers 'Legacy'

Threnody's bio Threnody, profile by Arhkana Threnody, full face by Arhkana femme Galvatron, by Arhkana femme Scourge, by Arhkana Teletraan/Blazer's bio Threnody and her creators facial study by Arhkana Oriana Pax's bio and her threads prior to moving to TG'verse

Teletraan went looking for Oriana

Panacea in the Nexus

Panacea met Broadcast, who was hurt

Panacea back in the Nexus, with Oriana 2, and then Teletraan popped in a bit

Panacea spoke to TFA Ratchet about dealing with pranksters

Ratchet found a Shockwave to bug

Ratchet passed on a message to Auspex

Ratchet met Atalanta

Ratchet spoke to Carth Onasi about daughters growing up

Ratchet remembered his first ferry run

Ratchet reported Teletraan's disappearance from the Matrix and met a Thrust

Panacea met an odd patchwork Autobot in the Nexus

Ratchet spoke to Cureall and Oriana

Teletraan spoke to Gen and Psych

Ratchet talked to furryRatchet about grudges

Teletraan in the sanctuary

Ratchet answered "Do you always have to lose something to ... do what needs to be done?" and "What would you stick around for?"

Panacea gave youngster rearing advice

Threnody met guyScourge in the Nexus. Galvatron and Ratchet also wound up in the storyline. And then Ratchet brought guyScourge to Auspex's

Teletraan reported for duty

Rumble asked his Nexus question (and got called out by Threnody)

Cassette hijinxs

Rumble tried Screech


Ratchet went to Sludge and Amy's wedding

Frenzy died

Sideswipe got a brother

Galvatron returned to the Allspark

Ratchet had a random chat with Ata

Rodimus learned the identity of the enemy

Skytrail in the Nexus and back home

Ratchet brought Ironhide to see his twins

Ratchet answered, "What's the worse way you can think of to die?"

Ratchet brought Gen's dad to see her

Ratchet spoke to a Jazz who just got a new sparklet

Chromia saw her creations for the first time, and Skytrail shared important intelligence with Rodimus

Starforge and Nova in the Nexus

Rodimus in the Nexus

Bumblebee got lost

Rumble, damaged and sad, asks a Nexus question

Soundbite learned housekeeping

Chromia in the Nexus

Ratchet spoke to a TFA Swindle

Laserbeak and one of his spybirds visited Auspex

Ratchet answered "What would you do if something you depended on was taken away?"

Ratchet met a Prowl in the Dressing room

Perceptor and Kia at home

Ratchet asked void-'verse Scourge to help him track down fvStarscream's ghost

Cyclonus passed through the veil (around the same time as Ratchet was asking vvScourge for help)

Teletraan told Auspex of Cyclonus' death

Rumble returned to Chaar with his family, and comforted Threnody

Sideswipe and Red Alert met another Sunstreaker, and then Red Alert tried to find a medic.

Red Alert met Ruby Alexander and Jackie.

Ironhide with his sparklets

Ratchet trained an apprentice

Ratchet played medic

Aftermath of an attack on the Imperial palace of Chaar. Aftermath 2

Ratchet talked to a mech named Swerve

Ironhide and family in the Nexus. Ratchet talked to his friend. And then Ratchet talked to Rigel.

Iron squad on the front

Ratchet talked to Ayatane's mother

Soundwave and Frenzy visited Auspex's sanctuary

Primus sent Galvatron to the Nexus

Galvatron still in the Nexus

Galvatron in the dressing room

Tigatron and Airazor find a new home, and then Panacea found out good news about Sunstreaker.

Tigatron and Airazor move into Panacea and Rodimus' place a couple days after they arrive

Rumble talked to Ata in the Nexus

Cyclonus finally found Galvatron

Tigatron and Windstripe in the Nexus

Galvatron and Cyclonus in the Nexus

Panacea met Ayatane

Iron squad had some RnR

Rodimus found out who Blazer was

Chromia babysat

Chromia answered a Nexus question about waiting for a loved one

Galvatron in the Nexus again... giving advice

Ratchet, with Cyclonus along, met Jet again

Tigatron in the dressing room

Rumble got cratered in the dressing room and saw a huge femme

Ratchet and Cyclonus conversing in the Allspark

Red Alert and Sunstreaker

Ratchet answered, "If someone stole something very precious to you what would you do to the thief?" And then he taught the asker to play poker.

Rodimus spoke to a young human about dealing with unwanted responsibility

Red Alert and Sideswipe sparksat

Iron squad managed to find important dirt on the enemy

Blazer brought Oriana home to meet the rest of her family

family time

Astrotrain felt unneeded... but very wanted

Windstripe (and Oriana Pax) met some new people and critters in the Nexus

Threnody went to the Nexus, and answered a question about unexpected allies

Rodimus and Cyclonus had a drink with some new and old friends in the Nexus

Rumble and Threnody discussed Runt

AWOL Galvatron talked about the catch to her favorite thing

Threnody explored the dressing room

Threnody and Scourge found a Furby in the Nexus. Threnody gave it to Rodimus.

Rodimus stuck Toh-loo in Springer's closet.

Ratchet talked to another Ratchet about what makes him happy

Bumblebee met Jabez

Ratchet replied to, "Craziest stunt your friend ever pulled?"

Sunstreaker crossed the veil for the last time, during the Cybertronian Peace Summit. And then Ironsides and Roadqueen had a wake in her honor, and Rumble said a few words.

A stuffed shirt delegate realized just how alive Transformers are, while Galvatron rewarded Void-'verse Scourge for the trip he once took for her.

And then Cyclonus went looking for his lady at Auspex's sanctuary

Ratchet brought Void-'verse Scourge a message that someone was looking for he and VvCyclonus

Perceptor and Kia spoke to a femme named Eclipse in the dressing room

Ratchet helped fulfill a wish

Oriana spoke with Blazer and made plans to move back to the reality of her origin, and then Blazer repaired a disembodied Optimus

Tigatron and Airazor met a Rattrap in the dressing room

Threnody met an Autobot named Desinex in the dressing room

Ratchet helped a free spark named Showtime when she arrived in the Nexus

Panacea in the Nexus with O2, talking to a young medic who just lost his first patient

Rodimus finally got to go see Red Alert and Sideswipe

Ratchet talked about some things he gave up doing

Ironsides and Roadqueen found themselves and went home. And then Rodimus went to check on them.

hungover Ironsides in the Nexus

Oriana 2 answered a question about when she's from, and then Nova and Rodimus were hurt in an assassination attempt.

Laserbeak and Rumble met G1'ConShowtime in the dressing room and brought her home to get a cerebro shell removed from her processor. Then Threnody spoke with her

Nova woke up

Ironhide and Chromia's family were reunited

Ratchet spoke to a human girl who'd been LOLd TF

Oriana and Windstripe spoke to somebody who'd been LOLd

Oriana met another young Optimus clone in the Nexus... along with his human mother

Oriana met another Ratchet in the dressing room

Ratchet spoke of his preference for belonging to a family

Threnody remembered Christmas past

Rodimus and Ironhide celebrated Terran New Year

Powerglide talked briefly to an alt in the Nexus

Ratchet named the thing that had been most life-changing to him

Cometchaser joined Red Alert and Sideswipe's family

Ratchet talked to ghostShowtime again

a pivotal point in the war

Ratchet goofing off in the Nexus

Rodimus hiding in the dressing room to get a little work done

news of the new

Perceptor and Kia in the lab, as Red Alert tried to corral his mate and sparklet.

Tigatron met a humanized Dinobot in the dressing room

Ratchet hanging out at the Black Dog

Rodimus met Mornbein and learned some surprising things, which he then passed on to Perceptor.

Roadqueen told of her brief posting to Earth

Fixer blew up a giant alien teddy bear

Rodimus pondered Meredronians and Joe

Ratchet spoke to mechs looking for the remains of a Showtime and Desinex

Blazer woke up after his latest hard light project

Sideswipe and Cometchaser in the dressing room

Oriana 2 got a new baby brother and Kia and Perceptor had a day off.

Ratchet helped a bunch of rowdy drunk sparks find their way home (PG-ish, due to some of the ghosts' comments)

Galvatron named her most famous ancestor

Ratchet, in the Nexus, spoke to a Ghostbuster

Hammer and Anvil 1 2

Ironhide spoke to a femme called Calix in the Nexus

Hammer and Anvil 3

Hammer and Anvil 4

Ratchet talked to another Wheeljack in the dressing room

Sideswipe hugged an alternate Sunstreaker in the dressing room

First Aid and Ratchet and co helping a wounded mech in the Nexus

Blazer and his charges met a new friend in the Nexus

Perceptor brought his babies to the Nexus

Rumble met a couple Frenzies in the dressing room

Ratchet sat and reflected

Ratchet answered a Nexus question about what he would change about his world

Ratchet spoke to a young free spark named Mira

Ratchet hung around Auspex's sanctuary with some other free sparks

Ratchet, Optimus, Spike, Mira, and Showtime welcomed another young freespark home

Ratchet answered, "Is it normal to feel weirded out by things you've heard alternates of you have done?"

Panacea explained in the Nexus how she makes it clear who's the patient and who's the doctor

Tigatron and Windstripe met an Inferno in the Nexus

Bumblebee asked a Nexus question

Airazor and Windstripe met a Rattrap at the Black Dog 2

Ratchet talked to Doc Brown in the Nexus

Arcee met Rattrap at Hormah's

Ratchet gave advice on advising a friend who's stayed behind

Rodimus spoke to an Optimus Primal at the Black Dog

Ratchet asked his anti-kyrptonite question in the Nexus

Ratchet answered a question about changing based on what you saw in an alternate and about music

Ironhide and Prowl returned and Panacea talked about it in the Nexus.

Tigatron and Springer spoke to a Rattrap and a Dinoclone in the Nexus.

Galvatron chased Cyclonus through the Nexus again, and got a scare.

Jazz answered a Nexus question about inter-species adoption.

Rodimus met Ultra Blitzwing at the Prime breakfast table

Jazz met the Chancellor again in the Nexus

Ratchet gave advice on a pet for Kickback's daughter

Rodimus met a Hot Rod and a Bluestreak at the Black Dog that were even smaller than his people

Panacea grumped in the Nexus. Again

Smokescreen played high stakes poker in the Nexus and lost

Rumble talked to the Overlord in the Nexus

Galvatron picked on a hungover human in a towel in the Nexus, and Ratchet helped him

Dinobot 'talked' to his feathered alternate, and then told Maximal WakeJumper about his new mate

Ratchet tried to help a dead Backflow

Ratchet brought Mira and little Oppy to Hormah after their encounter with dtIronhide

Rodimus and Oriana 2 met Recon'verse Optimus at the Prime table

Ratchet got help for Locket

Panacea helped some new Exiles in the dressing room.

Ratchet brought mansion WakeJumper his Eclipse.

Rodimus offered advice on telling a child a family secret.