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Deathscream's bio

spoke to Gen, Telrim, and Victor

Megs and Screamer ask about how to show they come in peace

gave 'advice' about getting your work acknowledged

spoke to another Starscream

Starscream took a shot for Megatron

Starscream lost

Starscream back in the dressing room

Starscream found

Starscream met Agent Skywarp

Megatron broken and at Auspex's. Starscream was also present

Megatron met an anthropomorphic turtle in the Nexus

Megatron talked about people assuming he was like his alternates

Megatron spoke to a mech named Incinerator in the Nexus

Reformat Portent

Galvatron found the Nexus, and met an Autobot named Random.

Kup and Ultra Magnus watched Galvatron and his team play a game

Deathscream met a Sunstorm in the dressing room

Galvatron and Deathscream met a human named Jackie in the dressing room

Galvatron and Deathscream met a Cliffjumper in the dressing room

Galvatron repaid a debt

Galvatron and Deathscream found the sanctuary of Primus


Galvatron and Deathscream ran into a Unicron servant in the dressing room

Galvatron took a trip inside the Matrix

Bumblebee talked to Galvatron a couple days later

Kup took Galvatron's team to the bar

And Bumblebee nearly dropped off the morning after.

Galvatron gave advice in the Nexus

Galvatron found a way to raise some funds and bought needed supplies.

Galvatron tried to raise funds in the Nexus

Scourge met and spoke to the human named Den in the Nexus

Galvatron and Deathscream went to see Bob at the sanctuary of Primus

Galvatron answered a question about 'friendship' between enemies

Galvatron wondered why he should want to kill Bumblebee for liking Scourge

Galvatron spoke to a Rattrap in the Nexus

Galvatron spoke to an Optimus Primal at the Black Dog

Galvatron answered a question in the Nexus about what he'd like to be remembered for

Galvatron asked if any price is too great to pay for the cause you believe in

Galvatron met Ultra Blitzwing at the Prime breakfast table

Galvatron answered a question about alternates that you don't know what to do about

Galvatron told about what gives him peace and purpose outside of prayer

Galvatron and Deathscream resting after work at the Black Dog